Student access to an education - there is so much need and so little ability by families and Siloam to support the costs of educationYou can sponsor a student ($25/month). Click here to view the list of children most needing your help. We invite hyou to also click on their name and read their story.

Each student you sponsor will communicate with you at least once per term (three terms per year). Upon sponsoring, you will receive a 4x6 color picture of the child with his/her name.  Your support will work hard for the child and the school community of Siloam. You'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty.

Two ways to sponsor a student:

  • Subscribe ($25/month) through the PayPal button included with any student picture and information.
  • Write a check to Lake Union Church (P. O. Box 152, South Haven, MN 55382) indiating the student you want to sponsor. Please designate, "Uganda - Sponsor." You can also drop off any Sunday during church.

100% of the net sponsor income is given to Siloam! 
If you use PayPal, the income reflects the net of support minus any PayPal fees.)