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December 26, 2017, 2:15 PM

"Socks" - a poem by Pastor Mark - December 26, 2017

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house,
everything had been opened, a few by my spouse.
The gifts were all strewn under the Christmas tree;
emotions were forgotten, including the glee.

The children were texting or sending a snap
while mother and I held our dreams of a nap.
But Karla was cleaning, and feeding the dogs,
while I sat there wishing that I had some clogs.

I’d been given some socks, for this Christmas season.
You might ask me why, but I don’t know the reason.
Some claimed in my sermon, I’d linked socks and joy,
while others thought I was too old for a toy.

The first pair I received was quite lovely with stripes;
I was quite pleased; I had none of this type.
Two more bags were delivered, one chock full of tea,
in the other gift bag, there were socks I could see.

The giver asked me if the socks brought me joy,
I told her they did, but my thoughts were “Oh boy.
The tea made some sense, for we both drank the stuff,
but joy from some socks?” to me seemed quite tough.

Before I could wonder, or ponder the meaning,
A couple approached with Republican-leaning.
They too had a bag likely hiding a gift,
and their ever-present joy gave my spirits a lift.

They asked me to open the bag oh so nice.
Of course, I obliged there’s no need to ask twice.
The socks that appeared bore the likeness of Trump,
but his face and his name weren’t what made me jump.
The part of the socks that caused me to stare,
was a miniature lock of Donald Trump’s hair.

Those on the center, the left and the right,
can all come together on this Christmas night.
Some things they embrace and some things surely rankle,
like the feeling of Donald Trump’s hair on their ankle.

At this point in the day I had an odd feeling,
I asked my Admin for some facts now revealing.
Is this a plan that was made in advance?
Or did people all sync up their presents by chance?

Bravely she tried to keep secrets concealed,
It took almost three asks, ‘fore the truth was revealed.
It seems in my sermon a few weeks ago,
I had said socks could not bring you joy, dontcha know.

One of our people after hearing me preach,
decided that socks would a good lesson teach.
A text was sent out to each woman and man,
informing them all of the great joy sock plan.

More people snuck in and hung socks on the tree,
the joyous socks put there for people to see.
I was surely amazed at the scope of the scale,
I half expected to get socks in the mail!

One pair was emblazoned with green polka dots,
another had tacos and chilis, that was hot.
Thumbs up from bananas upon their skateboards,
and a pair with Darth Vader, that scary Sith lord.

Santa’s hat with deer antlers decorated one pair,
they were joined by a mustache, minus the hair.
Two pairs of low socks had Santa’s bright face,
and another had dinosaurs dancing in place.

The last pair had S’s, that meant Superman,
perhaps they were given by a big Seinfeld fan.
I can’t help but laugh, as I look at each pair,
I think all of them rock, even those with the hair.

The socks did bring me joy, of that I am certain,
but socks, sweaters, gift cards or a new shower curtain;
all pale when compared to the people I see,
and what binds us together, Christ’s divinity.

I love all the people at our church by the lake,
they gather to worship, some comfort to take,
from the stories of Jesus, as a Babe and a Man,
and to take their great part in God’s amazing plan.

Thanks for all the gifts everyone,
I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
What a blessing to know that our joy in Christ will last longer
than this season, or the socks!  Hang on to what matters most
this week as we enter a new year.

Pastor Mark


07-03-2018 at 1:00 AM
pastor peter mabonga silo
Hello thank you pastor Mark for the great work you doing at lake union church...we appreciate you in jesus name.....
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