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November 13, 2016, 8:52 PM

From the Pastor - November 13, 2016

Dear Friends,

Destruction and regret often comes to us one degree at a time. We make the big choices with the best intent and then each of our little choices seems to undermine the larger goal.

We decide we are going to eat healthier. Then we decide one little Snickers bar won't hurt anything. Then another. Since we haven't been perfect today, pizza for lunch really would be quicker than making that healthy meal from scratch.  Who has that kind of time anyway, right? Driving home you remember its Uncle Fluffy's birthday tonight and everyone is meeting at the restaurant to celebrate, and you don't want to be "that guy" ordering a kale burger and sipping a water bringing everyone down. Besides no one has ever died from one bacon double cheese burger with fries, a Coke and a big piece of birthday cake.  Maybe you can do better tomorrow.

The same kind of scenario can play regarding personal finances, moral purity, building better relationships, getting exercise or paying better attention to your walk with Jesus.

Keep making the right choices and watch God move!

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark


October 30, 2016, 3:31 PM

From the Pastor - October 30, 2016

Good Morning!

Have you been choosing purpose over popularity this week? I pray that you have, and I pray that you keep it up. In this series we are going to be looking at four distinctive choices that you need to make as you follow Jesus. Imagine how your life could look in a few weeks or months if you add these four Godly, biblical choices to your life!

This past week I was personally confronted with several tough situations, where I needed to make a decision and take a clear stand to pursue God's purpose in my life. Each and every time I did, I knew that it could be an unpopular decision, but knowing that I can't always please people and I can please God allowed me to make the right choice.

If you missed the message last week, and I know a lot of you did because of MEA schedules, I encourage you to listen online. I think if you do, and you choose purpose over popularity, you will be blessed. 

In God's grip,
Pastor Mark

October 23, 2016, 7:27 PM

From the Pastor - October 23, 2016

Dear friends,

The future holds some very exciting times for Lake Union. Most of you were not at the Quarterly Congregational Meeting so I wanted to fill you in on the three areas I will be focusing on in the next fifteen months. Please check out my report on the church website, under the “Member Area,” for more information. 

In the next fifteen months I will be focusing on congregational health and vitality, ministry to our youth and their families, and adding a more contemporary component to our worship services. Whether those excite you or raise some questions, I want to ask all of you to do the following three things:

  1. read my whole report,
  2. pray for the future of our wonderful church, and
  3. expect to see God moving in our midst as we seek to follow Him as closely as we can. 

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark

October 15, 2016, 9:46 PM

From the Pastor - October 16, 2016

Dear friends,

Fall seems to officially be here. For me the first chilly night is what really indicates that fall is here, regardless of leaf color or calendar date. I love seasons!

What spiritual season are you in?  Is this a time of quietness and rest? Perhaps you are expecting winter right now.  Are things bursting with newness and energy? Sounds like spring to me. Perhaps you are busy doing the wonderful things that indicate a life of faith and the consistency that comes with such activity. Ahh the long days of summer. Are you sensing a change and the need to withdraw to the center of your faith to allow yourself to recharge your batteries? Autumn may be arriving.

Whatever spiritual season you find yourself in, there is a change coming. Whether that is good news or bad news truly depends on how well you are enjoying this particular season of your spiritual life. The state you are in right now will not last forever, and a new season will be upon you in time.  Embrace where you are right now, and get ready for the season that is coming. Know that the Lord your God will be with you constantly in season and out as you walk with him each and every day.

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark

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