October 9, 2019
October 9, 2019, 10:00 AM

Mark, my words…


The Walking Dead season 10 began this week. Some people love the show and some people hate it. For those few who have no idea what I am talking about, it is a TV show about the end of the world. The very existence of humanity is threatened because most of us have turned into zombies. The zombies then roam the earth, attempting to eat every non-zombie life form they can find. I’ll be honest, it can be a very gruesome show, and I am NOT recommending it to anyone, although I personally find it fascinating. Why do I find this show so fascinating? Great question; keep reading.


For me, The Walking Dead has never been a zombie show. Yes, the first few seasons are heavy on the zombies, and yes I still jump when one appears silently, and panic and mayhem ensue. For me the compelling story is about what humanity does when all of the rules are taken away. When there is no law and no government; how does humanity as a whole behave?


Think about it for a moment. If an external crisis destroyed most if not all of the modern framework of our society, how would you behave? If there were no stores to easily access food for your family, how generous would you be with what little food you could find? If there was no police force to right a wrong, what kind of action would you take when wronged? For that matter, how defensively would you act in order to ‘prevent’ a wrong from being done?


With limited resources and no help on the horizon, who would you include in your tribe? Immediate family? Some friends?

What about strangers? Well behaved and talented wanderers who could offer something to benefit you and yours? Kindhearted but talentless newcomers? Old and enfeebled survivors who could do you no harm but would consume something and provide nothing?


What kind of community would you seek to create with the people you gathered around you? How would this community be governed? What would you do in advance to keep this community safe? What would you do reactively when it was threatened? What would the pillars of your new community look like?


I ask myself all of these questions every time I see a show like The Walking Dead. (Yes friends, besides being an economics nerd, I cannot even watch a horror show without thinking about big picture stuff!)


I am a follower of Jesus, not just because He has saved my soul for eternity, but also because I truly believe He teaches the absolutely best way to live. All the time. Period. Even at the end of the world. Even when the zombies approach. Even when it turns out there is more to fear from the other survivors than from the zombies.


You see, I don’t think we will ever be in a post-apocalyptic world the way it is portrayed on The Walking Dead. We are however, surrounded by things that can take away our peace, our happiness and even our life. We are surrounded by other humans who are trying to get or lose the same things that we are.


How will we live? How will we acquire money, food, and clothing? Will we trample and destroy those around us who aren’t in our tribe? How will be provide peace, security and maybe even a little fun for those who we love? How will be even define what is peaceful, what is secure, and what is fun?


I truly believe the Jesus way has answers to all of those questions and more. I have seen the horror and destruction of what it looks like to ignore Jesus’ ideas and solutions, and it is not pretty. In real life or on TV. Follow Jesus. His way is best.


In God’s Grip,

Pastor Mark


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