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December 23, 2016, 8:14 PM

Merry Christmas from Pastor Mark!

Merry Christmas!

We have such an exciting weekend coming up.  There will be an amazing Christmas eve service at 4 pm and our regular Sunday morning worship service at 9 am on Christmas morning.  I am excited to see as many of you as possible!

One thing we all focus on during Christmas is gifts.  What are we getting for who? Who s getting what from us? What am I getting from them? As Christians, we acknowledge that the gift that started this whole ball rolling came wrapped in swaddling clothes in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago.  There are other amazing gifts though, right?

I want to tell you about one of those gifts.  It’s not something you can put under the tree, but it is most definitely a gift, and it is a gift to Lake Union Covenant Church!

Two of my best friends, Jon and Jessica Tweten live in Becker MN.  We have been friends since attending bible college together in Seattle, and they are really amazing people.  They have been attending the Free church in their town, and have been a very active part of the worship team.  When I began the call process here at Lake Union Church, we began to have some conversations, jokingly at first, about them coming to help us with worship.  With many hours of prayer, the conversations continued and they have felt led to come and help us.

Beginning January 1, they are going to spend five months with us at church assisting us in developing the contemporary side of our worship program. Think of them as musical missionaries.

They have three amazing kids with gifts all their own (some musical, some just amazing!) who will also be with us.  Emma (15), Elijah (12) and Sophia (10) will be a part of our church, and I know you will enjoy getting to know the entire family.

You may have questions, and I encourage you to ask me about anything.  I want to share some answers to questions that have already been asked…

Q: Are they a group? A team?
A: Nope. They are a regular family, with great musical talent.

Q: Will they be “performing”?
A: Absolutely not.  They will be worshipping.  They will be playing, singing and leading WITH us, not TO us.  As ever, all worship is directed at God, and they will help us continue to do that, with new musical styles.

Q: Are they “taking over”?
A: No.  They will be helping us.  They want to help us build a team of our own gifted singers and musicians, so that at the end of their time with us, we can worship in a style that is our own, with people that call Lake Union home.

Q: Are the current worship team members ok with this?
A: Yes.  We discussed things in advance and I would describe the general tone as excited about the new direction.

Q: Are we paying them?
A: No.  They are giving us a great gift.  Merry Christmas to us!

Q: Is there a place for me in this new adventure?
A: Yes! If you have any instruments you play or if you love to sing, they can help you build that talent and use it in congregational worship.  Please please plesase consider helping.

Q: Does this mean we are only going to be doing contemporary songs?
A: No.  For years now there has been a rising tide of requests that we incorporate contemporary music into our worship times.  What we will be developing, as a church WITH the help of Jon & Jess, is what is called a blended worship style.  Each week there will be an equal mix of hymns and new songs.

Q: Is it true that they are secretly space aliens who are here to plant a colony among us so that when the mother ship comes, there will be an easier takeover by the lizard people?
A: Yes.  That one is true.

I am sure there will be questions, please ask me. I would love to talk.

In God’s Grip,
Pastor Mark


12-23-2016 at 9:20 PM
This is exciting! 💗💗
12-23-2016 at 7:52 PM
Absolutely love!!!
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