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November 27, 2016, 12:37 PM

From the Pastor - November 27, 2016

Dear Friends,

Believe it or not, I'm very glad that I am still your pastor. Last week I told you the only way I was going to stop challenging you was for you to fire me, and I'm glad that you didn't take me up on my challenge. However, that does lead me to continue to challenge you, moving all of us forward, closer to the place where Jesus is calling us to reach.

This morning I want to raise the bar and ask you all a difficult question: What ministry are you involved in? Before anyone answers, let me share a few thoughts with you. Anything that has as its primary purpose toward building up your faith or strengthening you is probably not a ministry. Anything that primarily builds up someone else and brings to them the good news of Jesus Christ probably is a ministry.

The beauty of our walk with God is that many many times when we are actively engaged in doing ministry to and for others, we ourselves end up blessed and uplifted. The difference lies in our motives and purposes for being involved.

As we enter into our Advent series, "Hope is Coming," I urge all of you to think and pray about what you can be doing, in the name of Jesus, for others. Ask God where He wants you to be involved and be ready for some amazing answers. No one is too young or too old, too unprepared or too busy. All who have been saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ are called to active duty as long as we have breath in our lungs.

Our world is a hurting and broken place, but the good news is that Hope is Coming!

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark

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