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May 21, 2017, 4:40 PM

From the Pastor - May 21, 2017, "Make the world better, one step at a time"

Dear Friends,

The church must interact with the world around it, and we must serve the needs of those outside the walls of our local church.  From the inside of a Nazi prison cell, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote the following words:

“…the church is the church only when it exists for others…. the church must share in the secular problems of ordinary human life, not dominating, but helping and serving.”  Letters and Papers from Prison

If all we do is gather weekly to worship and study the Word, we are not truly living out the mission of the church.

If all we do is seek to dominate those who are not yet followers of Jesus, we are not being the church.

Being the church and living out our mission can be more. It should be more. It must be more.

The more comes as we seek to transform the communities around us through compassion, mercy and justice.  The national covenant church is deeply committed to doing this, and we need to join them.  There is too much injustice. Too much suffering. Too much hunger and thirst.  Too many lives broken apart by the ravages of sin.  Too much and too many for us to sit by and do too little.  

Join me in the coming months as we make a difference and transform the world around us.

In God’s Grip,
Pastor Mark

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