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January 29, 2017, 5:11 PM

From the Pastor - January 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

I truly hope I don’t explode with excitement this morning!  There are some, many great things going on: I am back after being sick, we are having our annual meeting, we are having a party afterward, and we are electing new leaders to serve here at Lake Union! Wow!

It’s always good to be back after missing a week, even more so when it was unexpected and because I was sick.  Even better is the meeting we are having today.  Together we are exercising our congregational freedom and doing so in a way that Christian believers in China, Iran and other persecuted people around the world can only dream about.  We need to be excited about our freedom in the glory of God, and we are blessed beyond our ability to comprehend it.  We received the following prayer request from our friend who works with persecuted Christians all over the world.

(Content of prayer omitted for the safety of those involved.  Thank you for your understanding.)

Just think about that, someone needs prayer just to try and bring Christian materials into a country, not build a church and certainly not gather publicly AS the church.  We get to do all of that not only free from government interference but protected against any form of harassment from our government or any other group! God is so good to us, and we need to celebrate what He is doing!  We also need to pray for the persecuted.

On top of all that, we are electing new leaders for various roles in our congregation.  We need to pray for these men and women as they serve and assist them as we are able.

It is so good to be doing this together!
Pastor Mark

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