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January 22, 2017, 1:17 PM

From the Pastor - January 22, 2017

Dear Friends,

I acknowledge right here at the beginning that some of you may be sick of hearing about "new" and "change"!  I'm not apologizing, just letting you know that like former President Clinton, "I feel your pain."

Imagine for a moment how I feel.  I pray daily for guidance on how to lead this church. Sometimes it's hourly. When it's really tough going, it's minute by minute. Martin Luther once said he prayed an hour a day, except when he was very busy, then he prayed for three hours a day.  I am there with him in spirit.

As I pray, and as I listen, I routinely hear that God is desiring a new thing from Lake Union and from me.  It is true that your time as a church (110 years) is a bit longer than my time as a pastor (14 years).  However, we have both developed habits, found things we like doing and ways we like doing them.  We have settled into patterns and we have decided how certain things should be done.  The problem comes when a pastor or a congregation does any of the following things:

  • Assumes that their way of doing things must be the only way of doing things.
  • Does what comes "naturally" instead of ask God to show the correct course
  • Loses the memory that at one time "their" way was a new way.
  • Stops believing that God is alive, active and in the midst of all that we do.

My promise to you, as your pastor, is that while God is stretching me and asking new things of me, I will be faithful.  When God is reminding me exactly what great things from the past should be carried into the future, I shall be faithful.  In addition to my faithfulness to God, I promise my faithfulness to you as well.  I will not "spring" any changes, surprising you in what should be a holy moment.  I will not attempt in any way to do "my will," but instead lead all of us into the changes that you want and God is asking from us.  I will always be pastor to all of you regardless of whether you support any specific idea or even whether you support me.  I will serve, lead and care for all of you because that is my divine calling as your pastor.

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark

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