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January 15, 2017, 8:39 PM

From the Pastor - January 15, 2017

Good Morning Friends!

It's time to acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Some people have been changing the way we worship, and it has got to stop. Since Jesus rose from the dead, Christians have been worshipping in one way and one way only.  With a blue hymnal, and a grand piano.  And that is all.  Except...

* Until 312 A.D. It was illegal to be a Christian.  So there were no public meetings, let alone buildings dedicated to the public worship of God as these new Christians now understood Him.

* The first organized singing, in about 380, was led by Monks and Priests using music written by Gregory the Great.  This is what we now call Gregorian Chant.  It is in Latin.  There are no instruments.  And there is no participation by the people.

* By 1200, hymns began to be sung by church members.  Many of them were parodies of popular secular songs.  Basically it was like Weird Al Yankovich, but in reverse. For Jesus. 

* In the 1500's, Martin Luther attempted to reform a corrupt Roman Catholic Church.  While some have said that "A Mighty Fortress" was based on a beer drinking song, that is not true.  Luther knew that associating too closely with the "world" could lead to conflicted hearts.  What he also knew was how to craft a 'catchy' tune.  There is a reason it is still sung today.  A good tune + good theology = lasting worship!

* Over the next centuries, the language of the songs came to reflect the land in which they were being sung.  Musical styles did not really keep up though.   Even as Christian missionaries were bringing the Word of God and the "music of God" to far off lands in the languages of the peoples, they were forcing them to sing it in a European classical/baroque style.  Weird, right?

*If that wasn't weird enough, until the 1970's Christians in America were singing really old, hard to sing hymns, with language straight out of the King James Bible.  There is nothing wrong with that, IF it is meaningful for you.  The wrong part is when anyone insists that it is the ONLY way for everyone to worship.

So, as language changes, and music changes, and styles change, and volumes change; we can hold tight to a God who NEVER changes!  Who knows, in 50 years a great worship team may be Monks chanting in Latin once again!

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark

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