From the Pastor - February 5, 2017
February 5, 2017, 10:08 PM

Dear Friends,

One of the things that God taught me at the Midwinter Conference was just how many things have changed here at our little church and in such a short amount of time.  As I prayed, thought and even discussed this idea with other leaders, I realized a few things I wanted to share with all of you.

  1. I need to apologize to some of you.  I have a VERY high capacity for change.  Because change rarely bothers me, I may not have appreciated how difficult some changes may have been for some of us.  I still know, in my heart, that I have done what God has asked me to do and when He has asked me to do it.  BUT I may not have seen or foreseen how it could have impacted some of us.  So... I am sorry if I have caused any hurt or missed any signals about what the change has meant to some of us.  My door is and always has been open to all of you, and if anyone needs to speak to me I want to assure you I will listen.
  2. There has been change, and there will inevitably be more to come.  If we grow (and I pray that we do), new people are a change.  As our kids and youth get older, there will be changes in how we serve them and encourage them in their faith.  A new praise song that was written a week ago or an ancient hymn that we rediscover can mean a sense of change in how our worship feels.
    I can promise you two things about whatever change my occur. First, I will do my best to talk about it in advance and fully explain what is happening and honestly listen to your reactions. Second, God will be with us each and every step of the way.
  3. I see Lake Union entering some really new and exciting territory.  In the past, when the church had a part-time minister, it seems like things were in "maintenance" mode.  You all fixed things when they broke, and reacted when things needed attention, but truth be told there may not have been a lot of looking ahead.  Things have been building and growing since I was called to serve here, and I am excited to say I see God leading us into becoming a more "missional" church.  What does that mean? I can't fully explain in such a short space, but know that I am praying and writing a great series that I am calling, "M3: Moving from Maintenance to Missional".  I really am seeing great visions from God about what Lake Union can do and how we can all get there, together.  Look for more on M3 in the weeks to come!

    In God's Grip,
    Mark Andrews

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