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December 18, 2016, 1:58 PM

From the Pastor - December 18, 2016

Dear Friends,

There are two times each year that unchurched people think about church. Easter is one, and Christmas is the other.

I am begging you to turn your spiritual radar up to ten and pray that God would show you those who are hurting, alone and in need of a word of hope.

Reach out to them. Talk to them. Invite them.

Yes, I said invite them. Invite them to church next Saturday night. Or Sunday morning. Invite them to come and see the reason for the season for themselves.

Be ready…ready to give a ride, ready to change your seat. Be ready…ready to wait a minute if they are late. Be ready…ready to hang out and talk if they have questions. Be ready…ready for the God who broke into the world in the form of a baby over 2000 years ago to do something amazing with your willingness to risk something. Be ready.

In God's Grip,
Mark Andrews

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