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Click here for contact information for the pastor and staff of Lake Union Church!

General contact information -

Here is a list of general church email addresses (all are checked regularly). Or call us at 320-398-2992; your message will be forwarded to the admin/communications specialist who will follow up or forward to the appropriate person. One of us will call you back. 


For more information about the responsibilities of the Leadership Team and also the Mutual Ministry Committee, check out our constitution and by-laws. Feel free to contact any members of these two committees about any suggestions or comments you have. All are held to confidentiality.

Lake Union Church Leadership


Leadership Team

Nathan Bayerl, Chair
Christine Treichler, Vice Chair
Nancy Friesen, Financial Officer
Connie Rossman, Secretary

Mark Andrews, Pastor

Mutual Ministry Committee

Jon Klippenes, Chair
Christine Treichler (Leadership Team representative)
Zachary Okerman
Mark Andrews, Pastor

Ministry Team Leaders

Sunday School - Abby Salmela
Confirmation - Pastor Mark Andrews
Youth Group - Pastor Mark Andrews
Welcome Team - Brad and Shelby Bainey
Praise Team - Karla Andrews
Tech Team - Lynette Sherer
Count Team - Gloria Olson
Communion - Susie Salmela
Siloam/Uganda Partners in Christ - Lynette Sherer
Operation Christmas Child - Sheryl Olson

Missions - Michal Jude
H2O (Holy, Happy and Out There) - (open)
Property Management - Larry Sherer

Volunteer Coordinator

Shelly Mikel