New "Genesis" podcast series by Pastor Mark

The first audio of the new series, "Genesis," is now on the website! In his unique way, Pastor Mark brings the book of Genesis to life through knowledge, humor and stories. His first podcast covers Genesis, chapter 1.

Click here to link to the "Bible Study" audio page,  and subscribe if you want to be notified when new audio in the series are added.

Or, play and listen to Episode 1, "Genesis, chapter 1," below.  Enjoy!





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Sponsor a child in Uganda! Change a life!

Your support will work hard for the child and the school community of Siloam. You'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty. 

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Open Invitation - Life Group, "Sunday after Sunday"

You are invited to the "Sunday after Sunday" Life Group which meets each Sunday after the service. We call it "Sunday after Sunday" for two reasons. First, it will take place Sunday morning, after the Sunday service! Second, it will happen every week, Sunday after Sunday after Sunday... This will be a Life Group opportunity for people to discuss whatever they would like to discuss from our morning worship time. Maybe a particular song spoke to you or there is a part of the sermon you would like to talk about. The format will be open discussion and sharing, not a lecture or classroom approach. It will be led by some of our lay leaders so feel free to talk about Pastor Mark's message without him listening in!

We hope to have more Life Groups launching this fall. They will meet in people's homes and will involve subjects and ideas that each group is interested in. If you would like more information or would like to be involved in a Life Group, click here to send a message to Pastor Mark.

Open Invitation - Sisters in Spirit

The women's Bible study group, Sisters in Spirit, extend an open invitation to all women on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 9:30-11 am. In addition to fellowship and refreshments, those attending share personal experiences and thoughts around scripture. Email the church or contact Grace Norgren if you have questions.

"Choosing a Bible" by Pastor Mark Andrews

Ever wondered what Bible you should choose to purchase or read?  Pastor Mark pens an article titled, "Choosing a Bible."   His article is posted to the Pastor's Blog on this website.