About your parents (May 24)




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Hello everyone! Here is your question: What is one thing you learned from your parents?

Don’t forget to email me your answer. 😊Today I heard a song that reminded me of my mom. This made me think of parents and sharing this message today.  Read more...

Who Mows Your Grass? (May 17)




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Kim has some terrific thoughts and questions regarding our perspective on whether the grass is greener on the other side. Click the link to find out more!

Power of Prayer




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What is weighing on your mind and heart today? At Lake Union, we firmly believe in the power of prayer and we know God sees you and loves you. We invite you to send in your requests so that our Prayer Team members can uphold you in prayer. Click this link to submit any prayer request you may have.


"Lake Union @ Home" - In this together!


Lake Union family - Our amazing new web presence, "Lake Union @ Home," is up and running.  The new web pages will help all of us stay faithful and strong during these strange times.  We provide resources that are good for everyone, and we also have some age specific areas that are really great. The web pages will be refreshed with new content as available. You can find this information by clicking anywhere in the image on our home page or on the tab by the same name. Links are also provided below.

Lake Union @ Home - main web page

"Sunday" Messages - formats and availability

We want you to be able to experience an exciting, relevant, biblical message each week.  We also know that everyone is different.  While most of us are going to find and subscribe to the sermon audio (upper right corner of the web page), others really like the video that we make available through our YouTube channel.  Songs, the message (video or audio) will be loaded each week to our new "Lake Union & Home - Everyone" web page. As before, both the video and audio will also be available on our website home page.

If you know someone who isn’t very tech savvy, you can always download the audio and make them a CD.  If you can't do that, click here to email Pastor Mark.  Make sure to tell him what message you want and who it is for; it’s that simple.  If you would like to read a transcript, we are making those available as well.  Transcript links will be located near the videos.  What is truly important to us, during this time, is that you stay connected to God and we help you stay connected to your church family.

Zoom time with Pastor Mark!


Hey church,

I sure miss seeing you each week. If you would like another way to connect, please sign up for a 30-minute chat through Zoom. I have a lot of slots set up each week, Tuesday through Friday. I also set some times up for each Tuesday and Thursday evening. If you need a time that you do not see, email me and we can make it happen.

Please remember,

  • I am not too busy. 
  • It’s not too complicated. 
  • It’s secure.
  • It’s fun.
  • You do NOT need to be having a problem or crisis to signup.  

I look forward to seeing you online! Ready to schedule? Click here (

In God’s Grip,
Pastor Mark

Lake Union @ Home - Youth!


Calling all youth! Kim Hempel is loading resources and activities to our website for our Youth Group during this time of mandatory separation with the hope of staying connected within an important group!

Check out the new web page (Lake Union @ Home, "Youth") and let Kim (click here to email her) know if you have more suggestions for activities or staying connected.


Lake Union Church is now on Instagram!


We are now on Instagram (lakeunionchurch)

Come and join us on Instagram for all new stories, photos and updates at Lake Union! The coming year is set to be packed and Instagram is our new way of inspiring you. 

The URL is  

"The Ravens" initiative - reaching out

In 1 Kings 17, the prophet Elijah is taken care of by God during a time of drought.  God promises to take care of him, and in verse 6 we read “The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook.” 

Lake Union launched a new ministry to help during this crisis, and we are calling it “The Ravens.” When our people have needs, our “Ravens” will do our best to meet them. They can run errands, pick up supplies, and even get someone copies of our weekly messages to listen to (or read) if they aren’t able to use technology to access the church website.

Like the ravens that were called specifically to meet Elijah’s needs, our ravens are going to be focused on our church community. They are making phone calls and checking in on people. We invite you to reach out to those you are close to and see if they are okay. If they have a need, reach out to our ravens by emailing the church ( or message them through our FB page.

We cannot do everything, but we can do something. We cannot meet every need, but we can meet some needs. Together we can do all that we can during this challenging time!

Our online directory...staying in touch.


If you are seeing this, the chances are high that you are in our online directory ( If you are not in the online directory and want to be included (and in the know), click on that same link and set yourself up.  The "Login" tab has a ton of great church information including the online directory. If you are reading this, you are invited to be included!

If you are already in the directory, can you take a few minutes sometime soon and check your profile and make sure the information is accurate, current maybe add a picture if one is not currently out there? Many use this directory and putting a face to a name is super helpful.

Add each adult member of your family to the "Individuals" section. Email the church at and we will create a "Couples and Family" entry by pointing to the individual profiles.

Remember, no one can view this information without login access (and we monitor this). 

Thank you!

Questions about the church's operations?


There are many moving parts to the operation of a church. And our Leadership Team wants to be transparent about those moving parts.  Giving. Expenditures. Budget. Attendance. Governance. More.

Summaries of this information are uploaded on a recurring basis and available for you to view anytime by clicking on the "Login" tab on our website. Because this information is considered "sensitive," you will need access to this tab.

If you are reading this and don't currently have access, follow the website's instructions and set yourself up.  This tab also includes an online directory and including yourself in the online directory enables you to receive email and text messages from the church. 

Questions?  Email the church.

Lake Union's 2020 Leaders


Here are your Leadership Team, Mutual Ministry Committee and Ministry Leaders.  If you need help getting in touch with any of these individuals, please email the church office ( and we will share contact info.

You can view pics of our leadership team by clicking here.

Lake Union Church Leadership

Leadership Team 2020

Nathan Bayerl, Chair
Connie Rossman, Vice Chair
Nancy Friesen, Financial Officer
Jake Olson, Secretary
Leslie Hoffman (Liaison to Nominating Committee)
John Mikel (Liaison to MMC)
Mark Andrews, Pastor

Mutual Ministry Committee 2020

Jenna Gohman
John Mikel
Mike Nelson
Heidi Wurm
Mark Andrews, Pastor

Ministry Team Leaders
(and Leadership Team Liaison)

Communion - Susie Salmela (Nathan Bayerl)
Confirmation - Pastor Mark Andrews (Jake Olson)
Count Team - Gloria Olson (Nancy Friesen)
Events - Jess Dahlen (Leslie Hoffman)
Funeral Lunches - Joann Strand and Lori Steele (Connie)
Missions/Outreach - Michal Jude (Pastor Mark)
Operation Christmas Child - Sheryl Olson (Pastor Mark)
Praise Team - Karla Andrews (Leslie)
Prayer Team - Trent Olson (Connie)
Property Management - Larry Sherer (Nathan)
Siloam/Uganda Partners in Christ - Lynette Sherer (Pastor Mark)
Sisters in Spirit - Grace Norgren (Nancy)
Sunday Refreshments - Keith and Barb Madson (Jake)
Sunday School - Abby Salmela (Mark)
Tech Team - Lynette Sherer (John)
Welcome Team - Brad and Shelby Bainey (John)
Women's Adventure Club - Melinda Pedersen  (Leslie)
Youth Group - Pastor Mark Andrews (Jake)

Volunteer Coordinator

Shelly Mikel (John Mikel)

Ministry Team areas and here to view