Sermon series supplement - get your copy here!

Pastor Mark is trying something that is both new and ancient for the remainder of 2019. If it seems to be working for our congregation, we may continue to use it. Rather than selecting the sermon series and topics through prayer and study, he will be following the "Revised Common Lectionary" sometimes called the RCL. 

  1. Revised: It has been changed. Over the centuries, biblical passages have been connected and used on the same day to present an idea or theme more clearly.
  2. Common: Millions of Christians around the world are following this lectionary.
  3. Lectionary: A lectionary is simply "a list or book of portions of the Bible appointed to be read at a church service."
  4. In the middle of this document (supplement to the sermon series; click here to view/print) you will see the readings for the rest of the year. These will not be read out loud to the church. These will not be read out loud to the church. Pastor Mark will not be using all of them each week. He promises that the message will be based on at least one of those passages.

Pastor Mark welcomes feedback and questions and is very excited to see what the Holy Spirit inspires in all of us as we take this adventure together.

Invitation to hear former Iranian Muslim, now Christian, Mohamad Amin Faridi (hosted by Lake Beauty Bible Camp)

At Lake Beauty Bible Camp
6pm on Sunday, September 29

Learn about the life and experience of a former Iranian Muslim, now Christian speaker.

This is open to the public, no charge.

Questions? Call 320-219-3199


Mohamad Amin Faridi was born and raised in a devout Muslim family in the country of Iran. After years of faithfully following the Muslim faith his goal ultimately became to be a martyr in Jihad. This all changed after a divine encounter with Jesus Christ in Iran. He made Jesus his Lord and Savior, and started sharing the Gospel with fellow Iranians. As a result, he faced persecution and had to flee the country for his life. In 2012, he took refuge in America.

Mohamad Amin is an effective communicator of his salvation testimony, and uses it along with his knowledge of Islam to teach Christians how to fulfill the Great Commission among Muslims. He has been interviewed by many Christian TV Networks and has spoken in various Churches and mission organizations across the US. He is the President of Iranian Christian International, which advocates for the persecuted Persian (Iranian and Afghan) believers, as well as, disciples the believers through regional and international conferences and leadership seminars. He is the author of Forsaking My Father’s Religion.

Mohamad Amin is a licensed minister and graduated from Charis Bible College. He and his wife Susan have been married for six years.

Video of Testimony

Contact Information
PHONE: 818.256.9975



Iranian Christians International PO Box 25607 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA

Youth Field Trip to pack for Feed My Starving Children!

We ❤️ our youth! They just got back from packing for Feed My Starving Children and had an amazing time. The goods they packed will be sent to Haiti! The shift they worked packed a pallet and a half. Wow! They plan to go back in October.  #FightingHunger 

Click here to see the pics!


Welcome students, September 11!

The early morning chill in the air this Monday was a reminder that Fall is indeed on the way. With Fall, comes Fall programs. If your child is going to be joining us for confirmation this year, we need you to sign up. You can do this online by clicking here and going to the form.

If you child is in 4th or 5th grade they will be in Confirmation Omega. This will run from 4:00-5:30 pm each Wednesday. There will be free transportation provided from Annandale Elementary School each week.

If they are in 6th or 7th, they will be in Confirmation Alpha. This will run from 5:00-6:15 each Wednesday.

This will be our last year running two confirmation classes.

If your child is in grades 9-12, they are welcome to join us for youth group on Wednesday nights. This will run from 7:00 8:30 each Wednesday. Look for more information coming soon about a special kickoff party for this fun group!

You may have noticed that we do not have a Wednesday night opportunity for 8th graders.  (That is mostly accurate. If they haven’t been confirmed yet they can attend confirmation Alpha.)  However, this year we will not be allowing eighth graders to attend high school youth group. If this impacts you and your eighth grader, please know that we did NOT reach this decision lightly. I would be happy to meet or speak with you and I pray that it will not be too difficult for you this year. Have hope; next year the programs will look like this:

4th-5th grades: Confirmation
6th-8th grades: Middle School Youth Group
9th-12th grades: High School Youth Group

In God's Grip,
Pastor Mark


Youth road trip! Newsboys Concert, October 27

The youth are headed to the Newsboys concert on October 27 (starts at 6 pm). The concert is at the Saint Cloud Rivers Edge Convention Center.

Please visit with Pastor Mark or Abby Salmela for more details. Or you can email the church ( to help you get in touch with them.



Next "Yoga for Uganda," September 19 (7-7:45 pm at the church)

Yoga means to connect your body, mind and heart. Yoga for Uganda will give you an opportunity to practice yoga with certified instructor, Dawn Schaefer Stumpf.

This class will be a gentle class for all levels with special focus on faith and building relationships especially with our faith family in Siloam, Uganda. There will be a FREE WILL donation bucket and all monies will go toward our church’s relationship and upcoming journey to share our gifts with our faith family in Siloam, Uganda.

These classes are offered once a month (second to the last Thursday of each month; all classes are on the online calendar) with the next class on September 19 from 7-7:45 pm at the church.  Just show up!  Bring a friend! You will feel welcome and accepted!

What does the Covenant Church believe?

"Sweet Sheets" - What is your passion, your sweet spot?

Shelly Mikel, Volunteer Coordinator, invites you to fill out a Sweet Sheet at church (in the chair back in front of you) or online and let us know what is your passion or Sweet Spot. If you complete this at church, you can place these in the offering plate or in the “Sweet Spot” basket at the welcome table in the foyer. If you want to do this online, you can find the online form and more information under the "Get Involved" tab (click here).


"Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16



Siloam (Jinja, Uganda) News - June 2019

God is at work, through us, at the Siloam school in Jinja, Uganda. Change a at a time. Click here and be encouraged with the latest news/update!

Encouragement for moms!

Enjoy the Mother's Day message, "Crabby Mommy," from Karla Andrews.  All moms can relate and be encouraged throughout the year!




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Experience the Bible daily!

Many of us at Lake Union are already plugged into the YouVersion Bible app (free).

We like this app with  its Verse of the Day, hundreds of reading plans, numerous Bible versions (including audio), connecting with friends and more.

It is available for most devices.  

It's a great way to grow spiritually!


"Send a Kid to Camp!" campaign

Please consider a donation over and above your regular giving to help youth experience a loving God and grow spiritually through a bible camp experience.

  • Frontier Kids (1st - 3rd grades) - $210 (3 days)
  • Trailblazers (3rd - 5th grades) - $370 (5 days)
  • Junior High (6th - 8th grades) - $380 (5 days)
  • Senior High - $390 (6 days)

Please designate your check if including in the offering. You can also give online - click here. Be sure to check the "Camp" button and indicate in the notes if this is "In honor/memory" of someone.

Thank you!

New Volunteer Coordinator, Shelly Mikel

We are excited to announce that Shelly Mikel is our new Volunteer Coordinator! She will be reaching out to many of you as to your gifts, talents, and opportunities to serve at Lake Union Church.


Check out our new website tab, “Get Involved,” as to opportunities within the church and how to connect with the ministry team leader and Shelly.  Or feel free to email her at this link or visit with her on any Sunday morning.



New "Genesis" podcast series by Pastor Mark

The first audio of the new series, "Genesis," is now on the website! In his unique way, Pastor Mark brings the book of Genesis to life through knowledge, humor and stories. His first podcast covers Genesis, chapter 1.

Click here to link to the "Bible Study" audio page,  and subscribe if you want to be notified when new audio in the series are added.

Or, play and listen to Episode 1, "Genesis, chapter 1," below.  Enjoy!





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Your leadership team 2019!

Questions, suggestions, comments or concerns can be directed to any member on either of these committees. Our contact page includes links to their email address.

Lake Union Church Leadership


Leadership Team

Nathan Bayerl, Chair
Christine Treichler, Vice Chair
Nancy Friesen, Financial Officer
Connie Rossman, Secretary

Mark Andrews, Pastor

Mutual Ministry Committee

Jon Klippenes, Chair
Christine Treichler (Leadership Team representative)

Zachary Okerman
Mark Andrews, Pastor

Ministry Team Leaders

Sunday School - Abby Salmela
Confirmation - Pastor Mark Andrews
Youth Group - Pastor Mark Andrews
Welcome Team - Brad and Shelby Bainey
Praise Team - Karla Andrews

Prayer Team - Trent Olson
Tech Team - Lynette Sherer
Count Team - Gloria Olson
Communion - Susie Salmela
Siloam/Uganda Partners in Christ - Lynette Sherer
Operation Christmas Child - Sheryl Olson

Missions - Michal Jude
H2O (Holy, Happy and Out There) - (open)
Property Management - Larry Sherer

Volunteer Coordinator

Shelly Mikel


Open Invitation - Life Group, "Sunday after Sunday"

You are invited to the "Sunday after Sunday" Life Group which meets each Sunday after the service. We call it "Sunday after Sunday" for two reasons. First, it will take place Sunday morning, after the Sunday service! Second, it will happen every week, Sunday after Sunday after Sunday... This will be a Life Group opportunity for people to discuss whatever they would like to discuss from our morning worship time. Maybe a particular song spoke to you or there is a part of the sermon you would like to talk about. The format will be open discussion and sharing, not a lecture or classroom approach. It will be led by some of our lay leaders so feel free to talk about Pastor Mark's message without him listening in!

We hope to have more Life Groups launching this fall. They will meet in people's homes and will involve subjects and ideas that each group is interested in. If you would like more information or would like to be involved in a Life Group, click here to send a message to Pastor Mark.

Open Invitation - Sisters in Spirit

The women's Bible study group, Sisters in Spirit, extend an open invitation to all women on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 9:30-11 am. In addition to fellowship and refreshments, those attending share personal experiences and thoughts around scripture. Email the church or contact Grace Norgren if you have questions.

"Choosing a Bible" by Pastor Mark Andrews

Ever wondered what Bible you should choose to purchase or read?  Pastor Mark pens an article titled, "Choosing a Bible."   His article is posted to the Pastor's Blog on this website.