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October 14, 2018, 12:00 AM

A word about my message today, "Share Your Story" - October 14, 2018

Dear friends,

Today after church I had a great conversation with a young man about something I said in my sermon.

In my message, I mentioned that we are all responsible for the idea that we are supposed to share our stories. I also said that no one could stand before God and say “I had no idea.” In speaking with this gentleman, it became clear that anyone could have heard me saying that somehow this action, our sharing, could or would be used to judge whether or not God would accept us and let us into Heaven. We had a good discussion, and I hope I was able to assure him that I did not mean that. Since I cannot sit down with each of you, I decided to write this blog post.

Exactly what happens when we die is always going to be something of a mystery and a constant source of discussion and debate. In order to get this post online before I am 50 years old, I cannot make it an exhaustive bible study. But please know that it is biblically based.

When we die, we will certainly face a final judgement. Each of us will be called to account for what we have done with our life. How exactly that will look is unknown. Scripture promises us two things: 1) We will fall short of God’s perfect plan for our lives. We have all sinned. 2) If we follow Jesus, He will cover us and our sins will not be counted against us.

Any other details, or procedural elements that we may or may not be able to guess at from certain bible verses is at best a secondary point. We have all sinned, and in Christ we are all covered.

What I failed to bring up in my message, and to some degree with the young man after church, is this: I hope that the only time you talk to God will not be on your final judgement day. I pray that all of us talk to God daily, and that in those discussions we are sometimes encouraged, sometimes challenged and sometimes given a glimpse of what exactly God is trying to do through us here on earth. In those discussions, when any of us have heard a word of truth about how we are to live, we cannot claim ignorance before God. It is this daily, sometimes hourly, interaction with God that I was speaking of this morning.

Thanks to all of you for attending Lake Union Church, listening to the messages and following Jesus in your own brave way!

Click here to listen to the audio of today's message.

In God’s grip,
Pastor Mark

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